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Shanghai Huayu logistics Ltd is a large-scale specialized logistics services company, specialises in Shanghai to roundtrip transportation distribution warehousing of goods all over the country, and for the integration of the enterprise, organization, experience, facilities, there are thousands of partners. Company has various tonnage of the type vehicles, can undertake big, and small tonnage goods (whole car LTL are can) can for goods agent insurance, Shanghai China Yu logistics, and ARIMA logistics, and world ARIMA, and Shanghai world ARIMA, and Shanghai world China Yu logistics, and world China Yu logistics, and ARIMA logistics company, and Shanghai China Yu logistics company, and Shanghai logistics, and ARIMA logistics phone, and world China Yu logistics phone, and ARIMA freight, and ARIMA fast shipped, and luggage checked, and checked, in cooperation run during guarantee your company goods security 24 hours for you provides goods query, and Honesty, punctuality, safety, business consulting, implementation services, and to ensure that transport prices are reasonably low.

in Beijing, Shandong and Northeast, Jiangsu and Zhejiang region around with branch offices, customers can provide door to door service. After years of logistics management, to undergo a rigorous assessment, picked out the country over more than 100 legal and reputable large logistics enterprises signed a multimodal transport contract, networking business. Qing Jiang logistics companies can guarantee in the country has plenty of sources, can be deployed at any time, as long as you have the goods, regardless of when, where, and logistics companies will be able to immediately provide free home delivery, local, secure, reliable, fast, direct freight services.

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