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Several aspects of rail transport need to be aware of

1th individual shipment of goods (such as moving goods, luggage), the insured and not insured transport divided into two. What kind of transport, designated by the shipper, and waybill the shipper of the goods mentioned in the entry bar.
&Nbsp;  2nd within the individual shipment of goods shall carry the following items: 1. Gold, silver, diamonds, jewelry, jewelry, antiques, relics, calligraphy and painting, watch, camera, 2. Securities, currencies, various tickets; 3. Dangerous goods.
&Nbsp;  3rd shipment of personal items, numbered dealing with each shipment of the shipper, and write the number recorded in the item list and mark each package (tag) after the total number. Such as the total number of pieces for 15, then fill in 15 (1), 15 (2) ... ... 15 (15). Personal items except as provided by outside tie hang tag, on packages you want to write or paste the tag and tag the same content. Packaging shipments must also be kept in mind by the shipper has arrived, the consignee and address of the message.
&Nbsp;  4th article personal checked of items, checked people requirements by insured transport Shi, should in goods AWB goods price bar within remember Ming the batch goods insured amount, in checked people records matters bar within indicate "insured transport" words, and by provides proposed items listing, carrier on items listing should for audit, and in each page listing Shang stamped station date stamp and handling people badge.
&Nbsp;  5th article handling personal goods, not merely the stuff of value-insured transportation.
&Nbsp;  6th station on the shipper's Declaration of the insured amount when there is a doubt, is entitled to require the shipper to open the shipment packaging for inspection and verification of the insured amount. Article 7th value-insured transportation, goods, should require the receipt the insurance charge.

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