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Prevention and control of third party logistics operation risk

Between the customer and third party logistics enterprises, is a win-win partnership. To provide the most suitable means of transport, the most convenient mode of transport, the shortest distance, the most suitable packaging and faster information delivery, etc, is the third party logistics enterprise's priority. As the organizer and Commander of the entire logistics operation, third-party logistics companies are responsible for the whole process. But in such a complex and comprehensive process, and there will be some risk. Therefore, identify risks, control risks was the third party logistics enterprise operation in the important work.  
Wary of the contract apart from the edge  
Have signed the contract with the customer, third party logistics enterprise faces risk of liability. In some contracts, certain large customers by virtue of their strong economic strength, are often in a better position in the negotiations, and proposed a series of specific requirements and conditions. Third-party logistics companies often bowing to commercial pressures to accept some harsh terms, even "unreasonable" clause. Due to extremely unreasonable terms in the contract, once the dispute, the consequences can be imagined.  
For example, for the development of logistics business in some of the country's leading food manufacturing companies, a third-party logistics company in Shenzhen and its unreasonable contracts have been concluded. Under the contract, the third party logistics enterprise responsible for the quantity of goods to customer accounts for stock once a month, surplus goods to customers, and by the number of physical accounts level; if the shortage, by third-party logistics enterprises to bear the loss. Although in the beginning the first few months of cooperation continue to profit, but not for long, late in the count, number of losses continues to expand, take up much of logistics costs, the logistics warehouse data is not consistent with customer balances each month, causing huge losses to the logistics company.  
Typically, service agreements are often of a long-term nature, and will have clear terms. If you cannot, do not make promises or risk not evade, get you in trouble, bear the unbearable risk.  
In the subcontractor contract, liability for the third party logistics enterprises still faced the same risks. Logistics company is the organizer of the logistics chain, which links from its own responsibility, some links require commissioned sub-contractors to the concrete implementation, and through the contract to stipulate rights and obligations of the parties. But in many cases, logistics companies and subcontractors was a one-time collaboration difficult to sign a full contract. This situation often appears during transport, only a paper consignment note, are prone to disputes after the accident occurred.  
In fact, the third party logistics enterprise credit good subcontractors must be selected, can not only reduce operating costs, and logistics enterprise's liability risk is reduced to low. In cooperation with subcontractors, namely in the logistics of the whole, when the loss occurs when a customer, whether third-party logistics enterprise's negligence or fault of the contractor, are to be borne by third party logistics enterprise's external liability.  
Despite third party logistics enterprise in lost pay Hou, can to has responsibility of points package business for recovery, but due to third party logistics enterprise and customer and points package business by signed of respectively is back back of contract, so by applies of legal often not as, its exemption terms, and compensation responsibility limit and the litigation limitation also not as, led third party logistics enterprise often have not to all compensation.  
In addition, increased the scope of contract will also bring risks. Due to the modern logistics service for one-stop full service, matching operations, emphasizing the scientific and rational convergence, third party logistics enterprise's responsibilities increased. Full service requires all closely link, without any link going wrong, otherwise it will give the entire loss and impact on logistics services.  

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