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Logistics and transport packaging types

Items and some package together. Some packaging has become an integral part of product. In international trade, package has its own special meaning, is one of the major terms of trade.  
Packaging plays a different role in the circulation process, can be divided into sales packaging and transport packaging, sales, also known as inner packing, the main role is to protect, the ease of use, promoting the sale of goods, and to the laws and regulations of the country in line with sales. Transport packaging, also known as packaging, its main role was to protect goods, convenient transportation and cost savings.  
Transport packaging type  
Goods in transit, do not necessarily require packaging. With the transportation, loading and unloading technology advances, more and more granular or liquid commodities, such as grain, cement, oil, bulk, that is loaded directly into a transport ship, with the mH work, reduces costs, and picked up speed. There is a class of goods can, in the course of transport, simply be tied, this is called a naked, such as vehicles, steel, wood, and so on.  
But the vast majority of goods transported over long distances during transport packaging is required, according to its packaging, packaging and collection can be grouped into a single package.  
Single package, refers to the goods as a piece of packaging during transport. Boxes, bags, barrels, bags, baskets, pots, and so on.  
Collection package, is in a single package on the basis of a number of single and combined into one big package. To meet the demand of port operation. Set packing better protection of goods, improve the handling efficiency, savings in transport costs. Collection of common packing trays, bags and containers.

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