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RF devices

A, radio frequency identification
Radio technology in the area of automatic identification technology name is more specific in the application of radio frequency identification (Radio Frequency Identification,Tag). Composition of the RFID system, generally including at least two parts: ① the electronic label, name Tag English; second, the reader, the English name for the Reader. General contracts electronic data are saved in the tags, in practical applications, electronic tags attached to the unknown surface. Reader also known as the reading device can be read without contact and identify electronic data saved in the tags, so as to achieve the purpose of the automatic object recognition and further identified by computers and computer networks to achieve the objects of information collection, processing and transmission of management functions, such as remote.
Second, RFID category
RF recognition technology, according to its used frequency of different, can is divided into low frequency system and high frequency system two big class; according to electronic label within whether with battery for its power, and can is divided into has source system and no source system two big class; according to electronic label within save of information of injected way, can is divided into IC curing type, and site wired rewrite type and site wireless rewrite type three big class; according to read electronic label data of technology achieved means, can is divided into broadcast launches type, and times frequency type and reflection adjustable standard three big class.
Generally refers to the frequency of the low-frequency system to 30MHz system. Typical of work frequency has 125kHz, and 225kHz, and 13.56MHz,, these frequency points application of RF recognition system General are has corresponding of international standards be support, its basic features is electronic label of cost lower, and label within save of data volume less, and reading distance more short (no source situation, typical reading distance for 10cm), and electronic label shape diverse (card-like, and ring, and buttons-like, and Pen-like), and reading antenna directional not strong,.
FM systems generally refers to the working frequency is greater than 400MHz. Typical working frequency bands 915MHz, 2450MHz, 5800MHz, and so on. High frequency systems in these bands also have a large number of international standards to support it. Basic characteristics of high-frequency system is: RFID tag and reader costs are high, save large amounts of data within the tag, reading distances (up to a few meters to more than 10 m), adapt to the good performance in high-speed movement of objects, shapes for card, reading have a strong directional antenna and RFID tag antennas.
Active RFID tag with a battery, can be applied to a reading distance, deficiency is the limited battery life (3-10), passive electronic labels without a battery, it receives reader (readout) send microwave signals, some microwave energy into DC for their own work, general maintenance can be achieved. Compared to active systems, passive systems in reading from and adapt to the speed of motion is slightly limited.
Integrated curing type electronic label within of information, General in IC production Shi is information to ROM process mode injected, its save of information is stone of; site wired rewrite type electronic label, General will electronic label save of information writes its internal of E2 storage district in the, rewrite Shi need dedicated of programming device or writes device, rewrite process in the must for its power; site wireless rewrite type electronic label General applies Yu has source class electronic label, has specific of rewrite instruction, Electronic label stored information is also located within the E2 storage area. Under normal circumstances, far greater than the time it takes to rewrite the RFID tag data in the time it takes to read electronic tags, General rewrite the time it takes for the second, time spent reading for milliseconds.
Broadcasting-radio frequency identification system the easiest to implement, tag must be in the active mode, and to its storage of identity information in real time to broadcast, reading corresponds to a receive-only receiver. The disadvantage of this system is due to the tag needs to be constantly firing out information, for its part, electricity, electromagnetic pollution caused to the environment, at the same time, the system does not have the security.

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