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Freight forwarder package common sense

Packaging there are three basic functions: protection, preservation and presentation. Packing should be in storage and during transport from the manufacturer to the consumer Center, played the role of protecting and preserving the internal goods. Protection not only against loss, damage and theft of goods, also according to the nature of the goods, prevent moisture, fire, hot or cold, gas, insect damage, exposure to pollution and other natural risks. Introduced mainly depends on the form of the packing of the goods, such as size, shape, color, decoration, grade, name, and other factors. Packing should be in line with international standards, in line with international norms and the requirements of the relevant national legislation.
Freight agent itself may not be directly responsible for the packing and marking. However, some larger freight forwarding company has its own packing Department, can provide services for exporters. In any case, the freight forwarder's advice and guidance, is extremely valuable to exporters. Freight forwarders can also recommend to exporters and efficient, reliable packaging workers. In some countries there are specialized agencies such as the packaging Association. At the international level, the International Trade Centre (ITC)-United Nations agency based in Geneva, can provide assistance on export packaging. International Trade Centre has also developed a regional plan Association institutions in order to strengthen the development of export packaging

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