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Innovation and development of diversity of automatic storage

Logistics industry is the main artery of the economy, as government support of industry is booming, both equipment manufacturing and the service sector should seize the opportunity, innovation, innovation and development, open up wider profit margins.
State Library function is generally weak in China, mostly only merchandise store features, few logistics and distribution capabilities, no integration of production, storage, distribution function, dispersed in various enterprises in the traditional way of automated warehouse as an independent system, warehouse management is not high level of socialization, independent stores only a single function, cannot meet the needs of national economic development.
Automatic storage intelligent multi-function development
With the rapid development of science and technology, current, extensive development of formalized automated warehouse has temperature with single function, replaced by intensive development of high intelligent automatic, network control, high speed, high precision, high reliability, the series Multifunction system. Realization of seamless link of production, storage, distribution systems, uninterrupted continuous production, implementation of seamless smooth transfer of equipment. And reserve online and distribution functions.
Intelligent efficient implementation of the system, according to the "market economy" law, turning passive into active production, based on market feedback, delivery information, online, dynamic control, quick and reasonable arrangement regulating the production schedule to meet market demand.
Online automation stereo library, as logistics system of a hub and core, is logistics system achieved logistics rationalization of key where, produced, and storage, and distribution seamless links put automation stereo warehouse and whole enterprise of production system integrated in with, formed Enterprise full of rationalization logistics system, using computer network technology run, oriented storage job and track management of system, achieved real-time quality track management, and real-time production varieties track management, and real-time distribution track management, achieved online integration operation.
Seamless link of production, storage, distribution, and rely on intelligent management operational procedures achieve Trinity seamless link upstream and downstream equipment failures to achieve predicted, program failure for online instant fix for interruption-free operation of the system as a whole.
Development of remote fault diagnosis, improve technology content
Implementation of remote fault diagnosis of devices are mechanical systems, automation and control system operation and change of monitoring parameter reflected by changes in the running of State information is analyzed to determine mechanical components, the control system is having the problem, and further identify the type, location and severity of fault. Automatic control system of remote fault diagnosis can also be automatically repaired.
With automated warehouse to full automatic, high precision, high speed, intelligent, networked control development, automated warehouse equipment remote fault diagnosis is also necessary. One way to solve this problem is to create network-based remote monitoring and fault diagnosis system. In order to achieve the "mobile data is not people", changed once the device fails, the passive situation of maintenance staff is struggling.

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