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Thoughts on developing modern logistics industry in Texas

According to the economic development of modern logistics industry of requirements and development of the logistics industry, the "Twelve-Five" period should be based on modern logistics in Texas railway, highway, near the Harbour, building a large logistics hub, oriented, capital city group in Shandong peninsula and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei metropolis circle to form a North-South, joins the production and circulation of large logistics.
&Nbsp;   highlighting development priorities, foster leading enterprises
&Nbsp;   "Twelve-Five" period, to become a regional logistics center as the goal, foster leading enterprises, growth of the logistics industry. Accelerating the construction and integration of logistics infrastructure in the Center, developing the third party logistics, improve resource allocation. Logistics for the construction of Shandong regional hub in the center of the North, Northeast, Northwest and Unicom important Logistics Center. Construction and function of each county and City Logistics Park in the center of complementary, collaborative interaction of modern logistics service system construction to cultivate Beijing railway Logistics Park, Yucheng international trading port, laoling "yellow triangle" exhibition logistics, qihe furious Logistics Park and other large-scale integrated logistics park. Speed up the construction of the high-speed railway development, and constantly improve the support functions, to create distinctive, functional, and with regional economic development in support of the modern logistics and distribution center.
&Nbsp;   strengthen the development measures, achieving a qualitative leap
&Nbsp;   strengthening policy support. Study on fiscal, taxation, financial, energy, land, investment and personnel policy, efforts to increase support to logistics enterprises, creating the policy environment for healthy and rapid development of modern logistics industry. Establishment of a special fund for the development of modern logistics industry, focusing on supporting logistics information platform construction and technical upgrading. Actively strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the advanced logistics area, widening the financing channels to attract domestic and foreign modern logistics enterprises to invest in the city. Perfect logistics parks integrated services, guide logistics enterprises to logistics park gathering.
&Nbsp;   spatial distribution logistics into overall urban development plans. Around the "Tenet, logistics world" concept, Government, policy support, and multiple finance, marketing, information, build a batch of fully-functional logistics industrial park, cultivating a group of logistics enterprises.
&Nbsp;   optimize the logistics industry. Is based on a different reality, focus on the development of the logistics industry. In the central city, focusing on the development of productive logistics industry, strengthening links with the local and peripheral manufacturers, providing raw material procurement, product inventory for business sales, cargo transportation and information management services. In rural areas, rely on "thousands of villages and townships" project, integration of agricultural materials supermarkets and other resources, provide powerful guarantee for agricultural production and farmers ' lives. Second is the establishment of cross-industry logistics strategic alliance. With well-known logistics companies, around the port to establish strategic alliances, gradually broadening the scope of logistics services, attempt to establish excellent logistics enterprise's strategy and international cooperation. Third, developing multimodal logistics industry, to form a "dry port" based on integrated transportation system.
&Nbsp;   promote the upgrading of the logistics. Is the growing logistics market. Dezhou city into full play "dry port" facilities, logistics industry import and export into the reality of a driving force for development; relying on transport advantages, encourage manufacturing companies to leverage existing storage and transport ability assets formed independent logistics company. Second is to cultivate first-class logistics enterprises. Three is to strengthen industry's innovation capacity. Four are developing logistic software technology. On the basis of the existing logistics, actively carry out study on logistics soft technology and improve the efficiency of the system.

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