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Transport processes

Process is the process of cargo or passengers are moved. Through transport, cargo or passengers were moved a certain distance to complete work. Vehicle transport process includes four parts: ① preparation--providing vehicles to the place of departure (empty or empty); II working--in place of departure for cargo loading or boarding; ⑧ work--on the route by transport vehicles for transportation of goods or passengers about unloading work--where discharge or get off.
Transport business processes are run by transport users and transport companies around the demand for transportation services and transportation services, quality and price, specify the rights and obligations of both parties and the ultimate formation of contractual relations, concluded the contract of carriage.
  Transportation and production process, is the transport enterprises to comply with these contractual requirements, appropriate transport products provided that transport objects from the origin to the destination process. This process is in the enterprise internal transport, some means of delivery, and integrated use of technical equipment and human resources, coordination and cooperation of relevant departments and links, transport the delivery process and its relevant technical, economic, and security management process.

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