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Logistics enterprises bigger and stronger still rely on market

Yao Jingyuan says need to consciously develop and support a number of large, modern logistics enterprises, small and scattered situation has changed fundamentally in the past and should therefore have a full range of policy support, such as reduce taxes of logistics enterprises in finance, monetary policy leaning to logistics enterprises, land use for logistics enterprises to provide more convenient conditions. In addition, to curb road charges, bring down the cost of transportation.
In fact, under the conditions of market economy, all the "large, modern enterprises" are not in the Government, "training and support" next bigger and stronger, not to mention the logistics such a pure private sector. Instead, the Government out of the need of maintaining a fair and competitive environment, but strictly regulated or even inhibit the infinite expansion of natural monopoly enterprises in order to ensure market balance and well-being. United States in the past century, the Government tried to split many large monopoly companies, split such as the 1911 standard oil in 1968, split the United shoe machinery Corporation in 1984, split AT&T and split at the beginning of the century, Microsoft and so on. Although some of these cases have not succeeded, but the Government's intentions in embodied the game countless times, uncontrolled or if Microsoft were soaring, and IBM are supposed to live, how the apples, perhaps only the mulanuo "Yu Sheng-liang".
According to the classical logic of governing, Government's responsibility is to do the economic police, the night watchman and philanthropist. Maintaining a good market order and playing, are bigger and stronger market participants ' own practice, offering you to go anywhere "training and support"? Not to mention if he fools you can't afford, even up, think of the "help" and "holding" daily spending costs, should have much higher. Most importantly, fair competition rules if they are destroyed, the market becomes a jungle, who worked so hard to create wealth and innovation becomes Tiger's food, so results come just to speak of?
When it comes to "large, modern logistics enterprise", they are bigger and stronger, the FedEx group can be said to be the best example. Don't wants to certainly to thought Federal Express is United States of "Central", it is a purely of people has private listed company, grew up to big, from lost to surplus again to world 500 strong, it has never no "privilege" became Government of "training and support" object, but is because such of "Unfortunately", makes Federal Express self training out has mutual competition and coordination management of operation mode, became global most with scale of express transport company, for over 235 a national or area provides shortcut, and reliable of express service. EMS at this but we cannot compete.

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