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Current freight knowledge

The basic obligations of the seller:
(1) for export clearance and the burden of bringing the goods to the port of shipment and the boat so far all cost and risk.
(2) at the appointed time of shipment and the port of shipment, according to port the usual way, ship goods to the buyer, and a notification is sent to the buyer on board.
(3) the presentation of the stipulated documents to the buyer or the corresponding electronic information (EDI).
The basic obligation of the buyer:
(1) the lease on time feeder ships opened the agreed port of shipment of the goods, to pay the freight, ship name and port of loading date notice to the seller.
(2) when the goods pass the port of shipment and the boat costs and all risks of loss of or damage to the goods.
(3) as stipulated in the contract documents or equivalent electronic messages and to accept payments.

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