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Logistics and shockproof packaging tips

Shockproof packaging also known as cushioning, occupies an important position in a variety of packaging methods. Products from produce to start using after a series of transport, storage, stacking and handling processes in certain environments. Strong role in any environment on top of the product, and mechanical damage of the product. In order to prevent damage to product, try to reduce the impact of external forces, so-called shock-proof packaging refers to slow the contents subject to shocks and vibrations, to protect them from being damaged by the packaging of certain protective measures taken.
  Shock-proof packaging mainly in the following three ways:
(1) comprehensive shockproof packaging methods. Full shock-proof packaging means contents and packages all filled with shock-proof material for shock-proof packaging methods.
(2) some shockproof packaging method. Overall a good product and container products, in product or inner corner or earthquake-proof liner to local places. Used packaging materials include foam shock cushion, inflatable plastic film shock mats and rubber springs.
(3) suspension shock-proof packaging methods. For some valuable fragile items, in order to effectively ensure the circulation would not be damaged in the process, packaging containers firmer, and rope, and spring will be suspended in the packaging of the contents of containers, logistics, whatever the operation. Contents are stable suspension without colliding with containers, thereby reducing damage.

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