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The logistics industry: better profit trend growth in the second half of

August 29 10 listed companies in the logistics industry, was published, and in the manufacturing boom of the case in the recent low State, overall profitability can be described as "flying against the wind", maintain more than 30% growth momentum, the capital market has also gone beyond the delivery of industry as a whole.
In the situation of the manufacturing boom of the low, income growth in the first half of 2011 logistics industry 41.69% than 34.29% growth in net profit in the same period, apart from the business model of structural adjustment, and market-for-profits are also a major cause. Landing of the industry policy rules is the main point in the second half, "eight of logistics" change is expected, but rules out real good business in the future. Policy rules have been issued with logistics and manufacturing boom declines, we judge the profitability is expected to strengthen in the second half, forecast annual growth of 43% logistics industry, net profit growth of 36%. Focus with scarce resources and business model of the leading listed companies

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