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Logistics and transport into the farm's largest problem

Direct farm "resolve", vegetable base of the dish you hurt people hurt farmers "as new models, however, with the expansion of farm size and scope, more and more supermarkets, logistics becomes farm faces biggest challenge.
  Carrefour said that the farm can save receipts, wholesalers and local suppliers of these segments, and the transport of agricultural products from 5-6 days, shortened to 1-2 days, greatly reducing the loss. As a result, supermarkets can directly reduce the cost of 15%-20%. Shuang Zhang pointed out that thanks to reduce intermediate links, cost reduction, resulting in farm mode of vegetable prices lower than the Community market price 15%-20%.  
Potatoes unmarketable, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region this year, pork prices higher, as well as last year's "garlic you malicious" into this year's "garlic you bitch", agricultural price fluctuations caused by excessive attention in the community. Food is your injury, food base hurt farmers, municipal governments in order to address these issues, actively promote the farm work, carried out the "supermarket + base" the supply chain model. However, supermarkets in the selection of planting base of agricultural products in the process of connecting, problems also faced increased cost of purchasing, logistics is one of them. "Because of the supermarket does not match the amount of purchase and logistics transport, some logistics and waste of resources, which cost even more than the price of the product itself. "A foreign-owned supermarket officials say, potatoes unmarketable, Inner Mongolia recently in order to alleviate the problem, supermarkets in Beijing have sent staff members to Inner Mongolia wulanchabu city procurement. Supermarkets send vehicles from Beijing, and finally returned to Beijing, but not every car is fully loaded, resulting in a waste of resources to some extent. He said farm development, requires the Government to conduct resource integration. For example, you can deploy centrally by the Government vehicle, from the origin to the Beijing, supermarkets to split shipments.
&Nbsp;   according to the supermarket to buy personnel, recent companies to purchase potatoes, wulanchabu city also faced logistics problems, from one base to another base, transportation is very convenient. "For procurement to meet the specifications of the potatoes, we spend 900 Yuan for a taxi on the ground, rushing in the planting base in between. "Admits the aforesaid supermarket purchases, which costs make their purchase cost big.
&Nbsp;   to encourage supermarkets to increase farm scope to solve agricultural problems in the direct, city business circulation development researcher Zhang Shuang said, this year the city into municipal finance 7 million-8 million yuan of special funds to support 8 or so continued reconstruction and expansion of supermarket distribution centers, strengthen the construction of shop cold storage facilities. According to Zhang Shuang introduced last year invested 5 million Yuan this year, money spent last year on the basis of increased 50%, all financial aid is expected to arrive by the end of.

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