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Logistics depression "collection paid" crisis

"Collection paid" breeding money diverted
&Nbsp;   It is understood that the "collection paid" mode once in 2002, eased the financial pressure for many SMEs, enterprises for cost considerations, and trust issues with dealers in different places, using "collection paid" mode.
&Nbsp;   insiders are introduced, which enable enterprises to two production and sales are no longer constrained by a cash flow, accelerates the expansion of marketing channels and industrial development. Later, the shipping department by check instead of cash transactions. However, the temptation to invest in diversified, individual freight forwarding Ministry earmarked instead, money diverted to lending, real estate, and even gambling. Some lighting business to cash flow or even illegal check when a promissory note, to Accessories and raw materials procurement.
&Nbsp;   operating a serious corporate
&Nbsp;   ancient town Bureau for industry and Commerce investigated and dealt with according to projections the number of households without a license, the town was a licensed and unlicensed freight forwarding and logistics business have more than more than 200, and beyond business phenomenon has become more serious, there is something new: its business license in the town, and venues in the town, but checks are not opened in the town.
&Nbsp;   town Finance Office statistics, bank accounts and cheques in the town of logistics enterprises with 90, including check operation of 48.
&Nbsp;   the town authorities believe that is necessary for the industry to conduct a specific clearance, enhancing its efforts to combat and beyond operating without a license, clean up a group in the town received shipments, but settled in the field of freight transport. By promoting the logistics industry to change, eventually changing the town's settlement.
&Nbsp;   the financial sector received checks in the field take care
&Nbsp;   last September, town together to strengthen check management, but it is understood that appeared on the market now, Sichuan, Hubei, Chongqing, Zhejiang and other places to check, and circulation in the town between enterprises.
&Nbsp;   to this, the town Finance Office to remind enterprises, if the shipping department in the town of banking without checks, then its money Bank may have a problem in this town. Be careful receiving checks in the field.
&Nbsp;   complaints received from relevant departments, these checks in the field there is the line number and account number does not match, check and stamped upon irregularities and other issues, may be fake checks or false claim. Enterprises should take other payment modes, such as cod.
&Nbsp;   business sector recommendations can be based on the scale of logistics enterprises, corporate culture, social credit and other indicators, once a year credit rating. Through the role of credit ratings and the reward and punishment mechanism, implementation guidance, except management. Qin, Chairman of Guangdong logistics company in the feudal Government to set up a Credit Union. Once a shipping department cash flow deteriorated, the League can "pull him up", prevent the situation deteriorating into mass incidents.

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