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Refraction from the food chain of logistics information

Due to logistics information construction in the project more and system schema huge, many logistics enterprise will logistics job system all outsourcing to software developers, natural formed has on this enterprise information monitoring not to of "blind spot", such even development out some system software to processing enterprise business needs, also often only one-sided solution a a Council logistics job link problem, and software Zhiji compatibility low, lack overall sex of convergence technology platform, led to enterprise overall logistics platform the node Zhiji lack contact, information cannot smooth.
Also, more is has many logistics enterprise think logistics industry in the of software system, like logistics equipment as, only care short-term of application effect, dang software system appeared problem will again purchase, group frame, and actually, logistics software of development process is quite complex of systems engineering, just is with "new" of software system replaced with old of software system, and no from overall Shang planning upgrade, most function module does not applies of system still will reduced Enterprise job efficiency, Greatly constrained the advance of logistics enterprise operation efficiency and information level.
And the speed and scale of logistics information development of foreign enterprises compared to modern logistics enterprises in China is relatively backward, not many supply chain management services, thus creating a lot of problems. Like food enterprise if occurred mass has problem products of outflow, behind on has logistics information not complete of shadow, because due to lack necessary of information platform, whole food Enterprise supply chain in the are exists with was pollution of risk, so enterprise on supply chain in the such as production, and transport, and warehouse and goods last, all link has serious of information missing status, is easy led has crisis suddenly outbreak Shi no fast and with targeted to for put control processing.

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