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Cargo and shipping knowledge

1. the consignor into the station the waybills as a written application of the provisions of the international freight forwarders Association.
2. station to audit tracking, such as waybill fill the content is correct, complete, confirmed that the carrier, and grade goods on the AWB-like into the station or loading date, that station has been accepted for consignment.
3. the container be able to station, transit road, reached the road and go through the Declaration of container tonnage, at a frontier station switched again using special flat car for shipment of goods or a dedicated tanker shipments of chemicals, should be agreed with the countries concerned in order to receive and carry.
4. the shipper on a station-specifies the date a station or specify the location of the goods, the stations according to AWB after verification and confirmation being received.
5. after the shipper paid the freight payable, station the waybills submitted by date stamp affixed to the station, means the contract of carriage between the carrier and the shipper takes effect to participate in combined transport railways responsible for the goods shipped from the beginning all the responsibility to the AWB named place of destination.

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