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Logistics the main structure of the robot

Robot is the integration of mechanical and electrical systems, it is mainly made up of the following parts:
(1) implementing agencies
Actuator's function is to catch the workpiece, and according to the rules of speed, motion artifacts will be sent to the specified location, and then down the workpiece. It consists of the following parts:
(A) hand: hand robot is used to hold the workpiece or tool parts, direct contact with the workpiece or tool. Some robot fixed in the hand tools Department, would not have had to install hand.
(B) wrist: wrist is the hand and arm is connected to the unit. Its main role is to adjust the position and orientation of the Department, and to expand the range of hands.
(C) the arm: the arm supporting the wrists and hands, expand the scope of activities of the Department. Robot in the arm and forearm, and elbow joint connecting the two.
(D) the body: also known as the pillar of the fuselage, are used to support arm, install drive, and other plant parts.
(E) walking: walking is to expand the range of robot activity, to be installed in the lower part of the fuselage of the robot, a variety of structures, you can track and wheels, can also imitate human legs.
(F) head: some robot has head to install Visual devices and antennas.
(2) the drive system
Drive system is the device to power the robot. Under normal circumstances, every joint of the robot set a drive system, it receives motion commands, accurately control the movement.
(3) control system
In accordance with the procedure provided for movement control system controls the robot, it can be memory instructions, in accordance with the instructions issued to the drive system instructions. If necessary, the robot control system can also be monitored. When an action in error or failure alarm signal, while the robot needed to complete the job of external devices for control and management.
(4) detection sensor system
Detecting sensor system is detecting the movement of robot systems and position, and will perform the actual position feedback to the control system, and compared with the set position, and then adjust by control system, implementation of the system with a certain degree of accuracy to this location.
Artificial intelligence systems gives robot with facial features, learning, memory, and judgment.

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