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Logistics systems-bar code recognition system

Due to the different colors of objects, which reflect different wavelengths of visible light. White objects reflect various wavelengths of visible light. Black object absorbs all wavelengths of visible light. So when light from the bar code scanner through an aperture and a convex lens, exposure to the black and white bar codes on the reflected light focused by a convex lens, shine on the photoelectric converter and photoelectric converter receives white and black stripe corresponding to the strength of reflected light signals and convert it into electrical signals output to amplifier shaping circuit. Width of a white, black is different, the corresponding signal duration is also different. Because of the photoelectric Converter output with bar codes and corresponding signals are weak, it cannot be used directly, thus first opto-electrical Converter output signal to amplifier. Amplified signal is an analog electrical signal, in order to avoid defects and blemishes from the barcode is causing the error message, after the amplifier needs a shaping circuit, to convert analog signals into digital signals, so that the computer can accurately. Plastic circuit of pulse digital signal by decoder translation into digital, and character information, it through recognition starting, and terminated character to discriminant out barcode symbol of code business and the catering direction; through measurement pulse digital signals 0, and 1 of number to discriminant out article and empty of number, through measurement 0, and 1 signal continued of time to discriminant article and empty of width, such will get has was debate read of barcode symbol of article and empty of number and the corresponding of width and by with code business. According to the coding system that rules would bar symbols with corresponding numbers, character information, and interface to computer systems for data processing and management, complete barcode reading process.

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